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Brighton Production Hub

Mental Health Charter

Key principles for Company owners, Freelance and Staff.


We ask the following of all of our members:


  • Acknowledge there is a problem in our industry and pledge to change this in our community


  • Understand that we all have a duty of care to ourselves and know that our employers legally and morally have a duty of care to cast and crew regardless of their employment status.


  • Management Responsibility - Ensure that all HoDs, managers and supervisors understand their responsibilities to the mental health of those that they manage and that they have support to manage.


  • Tackle stigma and support those who have a known mental health condition; offer wellness plans and state that you welcome the conversation. 


  • Mutual Appraisal - Give all staff & freelancers the opportunity for constructive feedback by offering two way exit interviews and reviews which will encourage development and security within their role. 


  • Signpost resources - Ensure that there are details of the Film and TV Charity support line and other resources made readily available in the office, on call sheets and welcome packs.


  • Learn - Be open to investing in staff and freelancers learning appropriate skills & training at all levels to ensure appropriate considerations are given when working on a project.

The Brighton Production Hub in return pledges to support Mental Health First Aiders in the Sussex Television and Film community by offering training, advice and references where additional support is available, so that there is more understanding and support for all.

A problem shared is always a problem halved.

By signing the below you have acknowledged that the above charter is Important and are happy for it to be shared

around the Sussex TV community.

Sign Up and Share the Hashtag... #BPHMentalHealth

Sign the Mental Health Charter below...

Thanks for signing!

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By signing this you are happy for your name and email to be stored on a secure (GDPR compliant) database which will not be shared with anyone else other than the managers of Brighton Production Hub. 


Your contact details will not be used for anything unrelated to the Mental Health charter 


You can request your removal of your details at any time by emailing

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